Dec 6, 2015

Happy St. Nicolas' Day!!

Today is St. Nicholas's Day! It's a German tradition--as well as other countries--that St. Nicholas would visit the houses of all the good little boys and girls and leave treats and small gifts in their shoes. 

Since my grandma on my mom's side was German, we celebrated this day! When I was little St. Nick would visit and fill my stocking with an ornament or two and other small gifts like chapstick and such! Plus candy! Can't forget the Reese's!!

Even though we are older, we all still put our stockings out the night before and hope that St. Nick brings us goodies! Haven't had a bad year yet! ;)

So does anyone else celebrate this day? 


  1. What an awesome Tradition!!!! You learn something new every day. I might have to do it for my kids next year. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. My family and I don't celebrate this one but it sounds like an awesome tradition that you all have. :) Happy St. Nicholas Day!

  3. I didn't know that this was a holiday! I hope your family enjoyed :)

  4. I'm of German decent but I haven't celebrated St. Nicks day for a very long time. Maybe I should introduce it to my kids.


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