Dec 3, 2015

Follow Friday

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This week's question: What's your favorite ice cream flavor? - Suggested by Not Tonight I'm Reading

MY ANSWER: So not the right question...

But anyway, my original favorite is vanilla. Yup. Plain and simple! But I do like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! And Cake Batter! And ooh Peanut Butter Chocolate! 

So yeah...more than just vanilla!



  1. Ummm. What is going on? I have seen three different topics for today....and I've only seen three blogs' posts! Has this turned into a free-for-all smorgasbord? Hmmm...

    Anyway, I totally agree with the oft-cliched "write what you know" remark. As a teacher responsible for teaching specific writing skills and how to write different genres, I tell my students to look to their lives for inspiration - write what you know. They often don't like that "brush off" answer when they ask me what to write about. They do this because it has been ingrained in them by standardized testing that there is a "right" answer to everything, so obviously there is only ONE right answer in writing - and they are afraid to be wrong. Afraid to experiment, try, manipulate words. They are afraid to be creative, to take risks.

    If I wrote a book, it would most likely be women's fiction. There are many experiences in my life to pull from and create a character just like me. Or a character who is nothing like me.

    Another genre I can see myself easily writing is historical fiction.

    1. I've seen two questions. I answered the one about what kind of book would you write, went to post it and saw it had changed to one about ice cream so I quickly changed my post!

  2. Definitely agree! Vanilla ice cream goes well with everything!

    Old follower :)

    Here's my FFF

    Obsessive Compulsive Reader

  3. Well, this is the question I seen on Alison Can Read and so it's on my blog. :) I can only do vanilla if it's mixed with lots of :)

    Friday Memes

  4. My father-in-law swears by vanilla. He even refuses his hot chocolate sauce when he orders a Dame Blanche!

  5. I love vanilla too! I recently discovered the magic that is Ben and Jerry's so I have been going to down on all those flavors. My favorites are The Tonight Dough and Strawberry Cheesecake!

  6. It's Rocky Road for me! But, I honestly love ice cream so much that I can't have it in my house or I'll eat too much of it.


  7. I really like vanilla as well. Actually I seem to like a lot of different ice cream flavors! :)

    Old Follower!

    My F&F
    Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

  8. Mine has changed over the years. It used to be pistachio, then cookie dough and right now it's boring vanilla. But to our credit - they make really tasty vanilla ice cream these days! lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  9. Hi, I am new to this blog hop! Its the first I have ever done! I followed you!

    My Post:

    do we have to post every friday?

  10. I really love good old Vanilla but I've switched to Vanilla bean more recently. I'm more of a mood ice cream person. I don't enjoy being cold so it doesn't happen very often. Have a great week.


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