Dec 17, 2015

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: If you could write a book what would it be about? - Suggested by Go Book Yourself

MY ANSWER: Well, I've written one, sorta. I say sorta, because I go back and forth over making changes. Literally, back and forth! I submitted it last month to Harper Voyager's "open submission" dealio. And basically my book involves vampires! My first love, but not my only!

It involves a young woman learning about vampires existing and after being kidnapped by one she meets, soon learns that the father she never knew about, is in fact a vampire.

Shenanigans ensue, naturally! ;)



  1. McAwesomesauce! Darn, I wish I could write as well :)

    Old follower!

  2. Good luck with your book! Sounds interesting. :) I am writing but not finished with mine yet. :)

    Friday Memes

  3. Wow...sounds interesting, Jessica...Congrats! :)

    My FF
    -Njkinny @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

  4. So...she's a vampire! I've also started writing one, and it is loosely based on an event that happened in my family that I learned about YEARS later, but the time period and setting of my book is drastically different!

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  6. Ohhh... sounds interesting. I want to read it now! LOL! Hopefully one day you can work out all the kinks and get it published!

    My FF:

  7. I would review your book :)just finish it.
    I'm writing to and I write the last 4000 words and I don't know how to finish it :(
    Silvy from Books are my life

  8. Oh wow your book sounds exactly like something I'd love to read! Good luck with it :D
    I'm an old follower
    My Feature & Follow post

  9. You books sounds very cool. I hope that you get the chance to publish it. If you need a beta reader, I would be interested... just saying. Congratulations on submitting your book. That takes guts (Or in the case of your Vampire book: Blood & Guts)! Have a great weekend.

  10. Oh, shenanigans! I love shenanigans! :-D Good luck with your book. I'll definitely read it when it's published!

  11. Oh I like what I've heard so far! I look forward to being able to read it in the future. :)

    New follower via e-mail, Twitter and Bloglovin.

    Kristine @ The Writer's Inkwell
    My Feature and #FF

  12. Woohoo! Best of luck. Can't wait to read it :)


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