Dec 24, 2015

Random Thursday


Just a little oddball randomness today! I've probably talked a bit about Christmas traditions in the past, but I figure why not do them again!

Today, I have to work. Ugh!!! My mom's work is closed and my sister, a teacher is already on winter break, so I'm dragging my feet about this. Hopefully I won't have to work a full day, but as of writing this post, I literally don't know anything! 

One of my most favorite Christmas movies is A Christmas Story! It's just one I've watched like a million times growing up! It's so funny! We even had this original movie cover on our VHS tape. It was a very unflattering picture for the mom. The face looks manish, and I initially thought it was a boy at first when I was kid! LOL!

I am so glad TBS still plays this for 24 hours starting tonight at 7pm (Central)! And I just saw that this year TNT will be playing it too!! 2 channels!! That's insane!!!

My other more recent favorite, but still already 10 years old, is Elf! Because Will Farrell!!!

This movie is just so funny! It's got some heart to it too, but ohhh how I laugh!! When he first gets to the city is when it's hilarious!! And then his Gimbels experience was to die for! 

What are some of your favorite holiday movies? Any you make a point to watch every year?


  1. In the Philippines, we have a film festival every Christmas til January. Only Filipino movies are shown during this time of the year, and our favorite movies to watch are the thriller/horror ones! Have a happy Christmas Jessica!

  2. I can't stand A Christmas Story!!!AAAAH. I do like ELF even though not a Will Ferral fan...its a bit dumb but funny.

  3. While I'm not a fan of ACS, I do love Elf. The Mister and I watch Elf, White Christmas, and Four Christmases every year. :)


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