Mar 10, 2022

Let's Discuss: Lessons from Cereal Commercials


While watching TV, I saw a Lucky Charms commercial that kind of sparked a bit of rage, as kids were chasing Lucky, saying, "Get him!" "Get his Lucky Charms!" And it just made me mad for some reason, and then it had me thinking of other kids' cereal commercials and how they don't always have the best "lessons" for kids.

Lessons from Cereal Commercials

LUCKY CHARMS: It's okay to steal cereal from someone when you want it, even though it's not your cereal.

TRIX: It's okay to not share your cereal with others. (yes, technically not giving an animal human food is okay, but this was a talking humanoid rabbit that walked up right and just wanted some cereal!)

COCOA PUFFS: They make you cuckoo!


Okay, yeah I was stretching it on those last two! It was mainly the first two that always made me mad. In fact, I don't think I've seen a Trix commercial in a long time now that I think about it. If memory recalls though, Cookie Crisp also showed it was okay to steal someone else's cereal too. But I haven't seen those commercials in a long time either. I'm just surprised the Lucky Charms one is still going on with kids trying to steal cereal that isn't theirs!

And yes, I know these are kids' cereal commercials and are meant to be funny and not as malicious as I am making them out to be.

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