Mar 10, 2022

Random Thursday


Time to dive back into True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley and learn more bizarrely true facts about sports!

(image borrowed from NPR)

Did you know that 49ers quarterback, Steve Young can trace his lineage back to Brigham Young? Brigham Young was an important figure in the Mormon Church.

(image borrowed from Sports Logos.Net Forms)

Did you know that Pittsburgh is the only city where all their professional sports teams have the same colors?

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Major League Baseball estimates that they use 900,000 baseballs every season.

(image borrowed from MARCA)

Did you know that NBA logo of the basketball player silhouette is former Laker, Jerry West? He's officially known as "The Logo."

(image borrowed from On This Day)

Did you know that the first cheerleading squad was organized in 1898 at the University of Minnesota? *not entirely sure if this squad was it, but it came up in my search!

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