Mar 3, 2022

Random Thursday


Time to dive back into True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley! When we last left this book we were still going through the chapter on sports. We've a ways to go in this one, so let's see what new bizarre facts we'll learn today!

(image borrowed from Biography)

Did you know that Muhammad Ali once fought Superman? It was in a comic book published by DC, but it still happened in some way! Lol. For those wondering, Ali did win the fight!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know that Wilt Chamberlain once averaged more minutes per fame than there are minutes in an NBA game? His average was 48.5 minutes per game in 1961-1962. This basically evens out to hims playing every minute of every fame, including every minute of overtime. No one has beaten his record to this day.

(image borrowed from MLB)

Did you know that Fernando Tatis is the only player as of the book's publishing to ever hit 2 grand slams in one inning? He set the MLB record for most RBIs in a single inning!

And how sad is it that I did not realize he was a Cardinals player as I was writing this post? Very sad, very sad indeed! Lol. As previously mentioned, I am not much of a sports fan!

(image borrowed from USA Today)

Pat Summit was the basketball coach of the Tennesse Lady Vols and managed to never have a losing record during her coaching career. She had 38 consecutive winning seasons on her record.

(image borrowed from NBA)

In 1962, Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double for an entire season, which is an incredible feat in NBA history! *triple doubles is when you achieve double digits in three scoring categories, which is extremely rare in basketball. Lebron James has just a few more triple-doubles in his ENTIRE career than Robertson had in this one season!

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