Mar 2, 2022

Review--Shadow of Light by Molly E. Lee

Perfect for fans of Brigid Kemmerer and Tracy Wolff, the second novel in Molly E. Lee’s angels-and-demons YA series will keep readers turning pages until the very end.

I just saved the boy I’m falling for from a gruesome death by a demon. And what does he have to say? I’m the key to opening the gates of Hell. I mean, a thank-you would’ve been nice. Or another scorching-hot, forbidden kiss. Either way, destiny will have to find someone else to torment, because I’m so done.

Or I was, until my little sister starts cackling exorcist-style and stares at me with eyes that aren’t hers. They’re Marid’s, the Greater Demon I just kicked back to the dark realm he came from. Possessing Ray whenever he wants is his ultimate revenge.

The only way to break the tether between them includes a road trip through Hell, aka the Ather. I quickly discover nothing is as it seems in this place. Yeah, there are realms of terror, greed, and desire, but there’s also peace, and a beauty I never knew existed...and it’s eerily familiar.

With each obstacle we encounter, I slip a little further into the chaotic energy of my growing dark powers. And when an unexpected betrayal hits me square in the chest, I freefall into them.

Fate painted me as the monster of nightmares, and after this? Destiny is about to learn just how monstrous I can be.



Shadow of Light is Molly E. Lee’s second installment in the Ember of Night trilogy and it was beyond epic! This is a book that falls so far from middle book syndrome you’ll forget you’re reading a trilogy! It was exciting and as action-packed as it’s predecessor and an ultimate game changer!

As before we get a prologue with Draven as he learns a few things while temporarily “gone.” Just before Harley brings him back. But before he can tell her what he learned—that they are in fact, soulmates—Marid strikes again enacting his revenge on Harley. He knows how to hit too as he takes possession of Ray. 

Harley had hoped to get Ray settled into her new home with Nathan, Harley’s former boss and legal guardian of Ray but now she has to take Ray to Hell, literally. When Harley learns Ray’s only hope lies in the Ather, or as we know it, Hell, she’s ready to dive in. Joining her is Draven, naturally, and his friend Cassiel, a death angel. There they meet their guide, Wallace, another demon with a personality that rivals Harley’s! Thankfully, there’s no love competition going on for Draven, so no worries there. 

Simply getting to the Ather is not enough to cure Ray. They will need to gather particular items to do a spell that will break the tether between Ray and Marid. And a part of this quest will involve finding a d saving Draven’s brother, Ryder, who will also play a part in freeing Ray. 

This book was quite literally an epic road trip through the Ather! The Ather is naturally filled with demons galore and all manner of creatures who would likely kill you for breathing if not existing! A very real sense of danger is constantly present. Harley also has to deal with the possibility of Marid popping up inside of Ray and seeing where they are and getting an idea of their plan. 

The pacing to this one was spot on! There was always a mini quest, if you will, that needed to be completed so they could be one step closer to freeing Ray. There was never a dull moment in this story, that’s for sure. 

This book does give the reader warning in the beginning that the story will contain issues of physical and emotional abuse—Harley’s past, animal abuse, kidnapping, gore, and violence. Lee does well to depict these in the most sensitive way possible. Thankfully, much of the emotional and physical abuse came from Harley’s memories as her foster father is long gone. But the scars still leave their mark on Harley. She has become a stronger person for it, a fact we all know!

Harley’s relationship with Draven progresses and they grow closer throughout their journey. Though the secret Draven keeps from her about them is bound to blow up and drive a wedge between them. 

Nothing will prepare you for the epic ending that unfolds in Shadow of Light! Not only do we get jaw-dropping facts but the outcome will still surprise you. It’s the very tail end though that will leave your head spinning!

If you’re the kind of reader looking for a killer YA Paranormal read, then look no further than Molly E. Lee’s Ember in the Night trilogy! It’s a dark and edgy series with a strong, fierce heroine who doesn’t know the word “quit.” Harley’s tenacity is an endearing quality and I cannot wait to see what will happen next in the final installment! Be ready to binge read this one folks as it puts the term “page turner” to shame! It’s simply beyond that!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars



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