Mar 11, 2022

Netflix Book Tag


So I saw this tag over at The Bucket List and thought it sounded familiar and like fun! I scrolled through my archives and did see that I did this post back in 2019! It looks like it has some of the same questions too, though maybe worded a bit differently. I thought I would give it a go again anyhow! According to Jeanna's post, this tag originated with A Darker Shade of Whitney. (my post from 2019 came from another creator, but I'm just going to go with Whitney's prompts this time around)

RECENTLY WATCHED: the last book you finished reading

I just finished The Initial Insult the other day and loved it! I immediately dove into its sequel!

TOP PICKS: a book/books that have been recommended to you based on books you previous read

Honestly, I was pretty much sold at "For Fans of Caraval!"

RECENTLY ADDED: the last book you bought

I'm super excited to read these two!

POPULAR ON NETFLIX: books everyone knows about

I'm going to say Caraval and Kingdom of the Wicked! Mainly in their series format!

COMEDIES: a funny book

Kicking it old school with First Grave on the Right!

DRAMAS: a character who is a drama queen/king

Cardan was a bit of a drama king.

ANIMATED: book with a cartoon on the cover

There's quite a few animated covers in my collection, but I'll pick my most recent one, Spark of Ash! The whole trilogy was animated covers, and this is the third installment.

WATCH IT AGAIN: a book/book series you wish to re-read

I plan to re-read Once Upon a Broken Heart right before I read The Ballad of Never After

DOCUMENTARIES: a nonfiction book you'd recommend to everyone

I still need to read As You Wish, but I feel like I'd be recommending it just because I adored the movie so much!

ACTION AND ADVENTURE: an action-packed book

Tracy Wolff's Court was certainly action packed! The whole series has had a good amount of action to it really and I cannot wait to read more!

NEW RELEASES: a book that just came out or will be coming out that you can't wait to read

One that just came out that I can't wait to soon as I find the right long weekend, is House of Sky and Breath! An upcoming one I am dying to read is The Ballad of Never After, naturally!

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