Jan 8, 2024

Let's Discuss: Prolonged Sequels


So it as I was reading my current book, a thought came to me that I decided to turn into a discussion! Isn't how that always happens? Lol. I'm reading an "add-on" to a trilogy that ended almost 10 years ago, the book published last year, so 9 years later we get another story. In some ways, it does continue the story of the characters we knew before, but we are getting new points of view with a slightly different focus. 

Now I probably would've benefited from re-reading the trilogy, but as I've said before, I'm kind of a slower reader these days and I didn't want to devote that kind of time when I have other books that need reading for the first time. Yes, I did this when it came to the Once Upon a Broken Heart trilogy, but I needed fresh memory recall for that series! Lol.


Prolonged Sequels


So it happens every now and then, a favorite author will return to one of their first series and continue the story in some way. I love when this happens, especially if I loved the original series. Which I usually do! So to get a sequel even so long later is an extra special treat...but alas...I can never seem to find the time to re-read the books all over again so I can be ready for the new addition. I've had to do this several times now where I dive back into a series after so many years and soooo many books later. It's hard. But I find I manage. 

I end up looking for series recaps and reading all of them so I have a healthy idea of what has previously happened. Now a recap of what was the final book isn't likely to happen, so for that I scrolled through a review or two to help jive my memory. Which yeah, doesn't always happen where I can actually remember details, but it's enough. I get an idea of what went down and where the story will begin. This is when I really wish I had a rock solid memory or at least the ability to read a little faster. 

Or that authors could at least include a "previously on..." sort of recap when they write this years later addition. I mean I know they had to re-read everything they wrote to get back into the world. Couldn't they do a short recap to help jive the memories of those who can't re-read the books? It would be a wonderful thing if they did!

How do you feel about sequels or additions that come along several years after a series has ended? Say they were a favorite one or one you enjoyed. Would you go back and re-read the books prior to the newest one or would you try to carry on without reading the previous books?

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