Nov 28, 2013

Graphic Novel Review--Blood Crime by Kim Harrison & Ill. by Gemma Magno

You can’t tell the story of how it all began for supernatural cops Ivy Tamwood and Rachel Morgan without telling how it all nearly ended. The fiery living vampire and erstwhile earth witch never asked to be paired up in the first place. And having to work Inderland Security’s crummiest beat—busting two-bit paranormal street punks—sure didn’t sweeten the deal. But when it counts, Ivy and Rachel always have each other’s backs. They’d better—because someone just hung targets on both of them.

It doesn’t take a hotshot homicide detective to know that nearly getting flattened by a falling gargoyle or impaled by a lead pipe aren’t on-the-job accidents. But it doesn’t seem possible that the class of crooks Ivy and Rachel routinely collar could kill anything but brain cells. So who put Cincinnati’s tough and tender twosome on their “to do in” list? Is Ivy’s vampire master, the powerful and seductive Piscary, jealous of her growing bloodlust (and just plain lust) for Rachel? Or have forces unknown—living or undead—made the partners prey in a deadly witch (and vampire) hunt?

Before this case is cracked, Ivy and Rachel will face down vicious dogs, speeding locomotives, rogue bloodsuckers, and their own dark desires; spells will be cast and blood will be spilled; and Kim Harrison’s hair-raising, heart-racing, dark urban world of magic and monsters will leap howling from the pages of her second electrifying, full-color graphic novel.

Kim Harrison and Gemma Magno come together again in the second Hollows Graphic Novel, Blood Crime! So continues the tale of Ivy and Rachel while they were still working for the I.S.

This is definitely one of my favorite graphic novel series as I loooove the Hollows! Seeing Rachel and Ivy and other characters, like Kisten...sigh...all colorful on the page is astounding!! I am hoping this graphic novel series continues, but there isn't any available info for a continuance! I keep hoping we see how/when Jenks gets onto the scene for he's still not apart of the team.

In this one we more of an idea of the uber scary relationship Piscary and Ivy have. Piscary is really one scary vamp. The hold he has over Ivy is astounding. Yet, she still tries to fight him every chance she gets.

It was weird seeing Ivy and Kisten as a sort of couple in this one. True, I know it's too early for Rachel and Kisten to be together. But I guess I keep expecting to see him flirt with her. But they haven't even met yet technically and since he's with Ivy at this time, it's a moot point.

I find it hard to describe the storyline of this one. Basically someone is after Rachel, trying to kill her. Ivy will do everything possible to prevent that. I find that this graphic novel series centers around Ivy more so than Rachel. And of course, we're in her mind and point of view, so yeah that pretty much cements it. This series is definitely one that lets you get inside Ivy's mind and see what's she thinking and all that before we make it to the Hollows series scene!

I highly recommend the current two graphic novels out to other Hollows fans! It's an enjoyable and fast read and the illustrations are gorgeous! Kudos to Gemma! And naturally, Kim's writing shines through as always!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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  1. I heard most fans don't like the graphic novels. Nice to see you do. I want to get them for completionist's sake, it's my favorite series.


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