Nov 7, 2013

Random Thursday

Do you remember TY Pillow Pals? Not as popular or crazy as the Beanie Baby fiasco, but they were adorable in my opinion. I had a smaller collection of them myself! They were soft and floppy, so yeah calling them Pillow Pals is kind of perfect!

After Googling them and reminiscing through the pics, I decided on this one! It's actually one I had! It's a cute little pastel tye-dyed bear named Sherbert!

Anyone else remember these? Or am I reliving my 90s childhood on my own here? ;)


  1. Never had the pillow buddy but I had a collection of the babies. I remember driving around a bunch of McD's with my mom because I wanted one specific beanie baby from their happy meal and no one had it. Aaaaand I'm pretty sure I still have some in a box somewhere in the garage. With the little heart protectors and everything.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  2. It looks so huggable and cute!!! Must be very comfy to sleep with. ;)

  3. They still have them at Target in Australia. Good for when you are having a dodgy day at work and need a hug from something cute.


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