Nov 26, 2013

Teaser & Top Ten Tuesdays
Here are the rules:
1. Grab your current read

2. Open to a page

3. Pick out 2 lines that are SPOILER FREE

4. Name the title, author, etc.

"'That you were cute and perky and were the bright spot of my day.' He glanced down into his empty cup." Kindle location 916/3407

AUTHOR: Alyssa Rose Ivy
PUBLISHER: Self-Published (?)
GENRE: Paranormal NA
RELEASE DATE: November 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!
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This week's topic is: Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For

These will be both book and non-book related!

*in no particular order




Author Pictured: Maria V. Snyder



For without it, I wouldn't be blogging or making blogging buddies!


Family house, but same thing since I still live there!


It may not be what I want to do with my degree currently, but still grateful/thankful to have a job!



Okay, this one's weird to say, but yeah, I loooove my Disney!! In a roundabout way it sort of led to my reading habits! At least with the original fairy tales it did and plus it was such a large part of my childhood and I love it! Definitely makes you appreciate the things that you have. Occasionally they teach good lessons too, but as an adult I can kind of see flaws in some of them! 
IE: Change being good and bad in order to live a happy life. Aladdin learns being himself and not a prince will get him love and happiness.

The Beast must change who he is in order to get love and happiness! A college professor of mine actually pointed this one out to me!


  1. What you said for your TTT are true for me too. Maybe except for Disney. I love it but not to the point that it's going to be in my top ten list of most important things in life. Maybe, I will have to put in my pets on number 10.

    Overall, a good list, Jessica. Thanks for stopping by Thoughts and Pens BTW. So sorry for the late reply. Current follower.

  2. I love your TTT! I agree with all your points :)

    And that teaser is really such a tease!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  3. Great teaser, Jessica!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Great list! I love Disney too! I love that family and friends seem to come top on most lists.

  5. Ohhh great tease! I need to start the Crescent Chronicles. I also love your list, especially that you included Disney because Disney is the best!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  6. Great teaser, Jessica. Really love the cover of that one. The books you read tend to have the most beautiful covers! Love your list as well. Some that I didn't put: the internet! Duh. How else could we all connect and I left it off my list! And my health. Yes, very important. It's hard to accomplish anything without that. Great list. Thanks so much for stopping by both my blogs. :D

  7. Great Thankful list! And those two lines were awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  8. You've got some great things on your list. I meant to put my health on mine too. Good choices!

  9. I love your list, it's so honest and real. I think family and books (and publishers who provide the books) are some of the most important things in life.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books
    My TTT

  10. Great TTT!
    I love Disney as well. They gave me one of my favorite movies, Pocahontas :)
    New follower via Bloglovin and GFC :)

    My TTT-

  11. Great list! I'm thankful for Disney, too! So many smiles and warm feelings because of them! Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    Katy @ A Blighted One

  12. Nice teaser and gratitude list. My teaser: A Timely Vision

  13. What a cute little teaser. Thanks for sharing :0)

    Linsey @

  14. Nice tease. I've seen this one mentioned quite a bit lately. Really need to add it to my collection.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT :)

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  15. haha that's sweet that you love Disney so much! They definitely did make some great cartoons! I don't know about this newest one Frozen though...I don't think I'll go see that one.

  16. Nice teaser. Always nice to know you're the bright spot to someone's day :)

    Old follower. Thanks for stopping by Book Sojourner!

  17. Nice post and a great list! I love the Disney one. You're the second person I've seen say that!

  18. Hahaha! I thought of mentioning the internet too because honestly, I feel handicapped without it. I mean, no electricity for a few hours and I'm like gee, I've nothing to do. I love your list, Jessica! And so nice of you to have put health on it.

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by my post earlier.

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  19. I like that I have seen Disney on a few blogs. Life wouldn't be the same without Disney!!!

  20. Great list! Gotta love Disney!!! Even as an adult!

  21. Family, friends and books = a pretty good life. Disney isn't a weird choice at all as generations have grown up with their movies. I especially like how they are going for stronger female characters of different ethnicities and different body shapes with movies such as Brave and Mulan so that young girls have some positive role models.

  22. Thanks for the teaser! I have been wondering about this author.

    Thanks for checking out the teasers at Reading Lark!

  23. I love disney! Have a good break!

  24. I have seen Soar around everywhere... seems quite popular. Great tease!

    Thanx for visiting my TT
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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