Nov 11, 2013

Review--Dead Suite by Wendy Roberts

Crime scene cleaner Sadie Novak has been blessed with the gift of second sight. But with ghosts of murder victims always popping up when she’s trying to work, her blessing sometimes seems more like a curse…

With business slow, her mortgage payment looming, and her relationship with on-again off-again boyfriend Zack somewhere in limbo, Sadie could use a drink and a little rejuvenating R&R. But when women start getting killed in fancy hotels, Sadie suddenly finds herself back to work and her business back in the black.

Posh hotels are much nicer accommodations than her usual crime scenes, but soon perks turn to peril and Sadie gets caught in the killer’s web. Now, Sadie has to figure out the identity of the Seattle Slasher, before he comes for her next…

Wendy Roberts' The Ghost Dusters Mystery series is back! After four long years when the series had been canceled Wendy decided to self-publish the rest and I for one am glad! I loooove a good mystery with paranormal elements and this series has all that in full! Dead Suite is the comeback of the series and it more or less picks up where we left off.

The good thing about this series and for my poor memory, is that each book can read as a standalone. It's a mystery and it gets solved, but there are a few strands of story arcs that get picked up from book to book, in this one it would be the romance between Sadie and Zack, although this time, it's sort of the lack of romance, as there's been quite the wedge driven between the two since Zack came back out of rehab after he relapsed and started overdosing the painkillers again. Zack is keeping his distance from Sadie and it was sort of heart wrenching since these two have had such the bumpy start into a relationship.

But anywho, this time the mystery comes from Sadie cleaning up after the murders of prostitutes at swanky hotels. There's a connection there somewhere, and not just the fact that the victims were missing their pointer fingers either. Sadie can't make heads or tails of this part of the mystery but that isn't her only problem. She also gets roped into ridding a haunted house of its ghost by her friends. Although having one of the house owners being a very attractive man, Owen, does make up for it a bit!

I have to say again, how much I love a good paranormal mystery! Although with this one, I must be out of touch because I so didn't peg the murderer down at all. Maybe once I thought the person being suspicious, but never pegging it down to being the murderer. And that is what I love about a nicely written paranormal mystery, when you just can't peg the murderer down to there being too many suspects. Maybe some people don't like that, but I am not bothered by it. Whether I can guess correctly or not doesn't matter to me.

Sadie is quite the heroine too. She has her own business and since murders and killings aren't exactly booming at the moment, no one needs her expertise cleaning services of cleaning up said murders or killings. Sadie has a lot of depth. Her reasons for her own business are a constant reminder of her past, but a foundation for them as well. She has strength to her that I admire, because I don't think I could handle her job at all, regardless of there being no bodies at the time of cleaning. I would likely be an emotional wreck, but Sadie can manage it all just fine!

Zack sadly wasn't in this one as much, as I mentioned. There's distance between them, but there is another love option for Sadie and that comes from Owen. He's quite the mysterious man in some ways. Sadie doesn't know him at all, but there's some definite heat building between the two that was quite the enjoyment to see. But never fear, there is no love triangle here. Which was a relief of sorts because I don't think I could handle one of those in a mystery series as well!

Overall Dead Suite was an enjoyable read! If you love a good murder mystery with paranormal elements this is another series for you! I am beyond happy that Wendy is writing it again and I can only hope she finishes the series to her satisfaction because it's one I've enjoyed from the very beginning!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

This read was read for the Clean Out Your E-Reader Challenge


  1. I love a good paranormal mystery too, but I don't think I've ever heard of this series, which is just too bad! It seems to be right up my alley, so I'll be sure to add the first book to my GoodReads tbr. It's an additional bonus that they can function as standalones.
    Great review.

  2. I love paranormal mysteries and I love when I don't manage to solve it myself! I also like the sounds of Sadie... even though it can be read as a standalone, I think I'm going back to read book 1, since I think I could enjoy the whole series. Great review :-)


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