Sep 24, 2014

ARC Review--The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter

I have a plan.

We'll either destroy them for good, or they'll destroy us.

Either way, only one of us is walking away.

In the stunning conclusion to the wildly popular White Rabbit Chronicles, Alice "Ali" Bell thinks the worst is behind her. She's ready to take the next step with boyfriend Cole Holland, the leader of the zombie slayers…until Anima Industries, the agency controlling the zombies, launches a sneak attack, killing four of her friends. It's then she realizes that humans can be more dangerous than monsters…and the worst has only begun.

As the surviving slayers prepare for war, Ali discovers she, too, can control the zombies…and she isn't the girl she thought she was. She's connected to the woman responsible for killing—and turning—Cole's mother. How can their relationship endure? As secrets come to light, and more slayers are taken or killed, Ali will fight harder than ever to bring down Anima—even sacrificing her own life for those she loves.

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

The Queen of Zombie Hearts brings an end to Gena Showalter's The White Rabbit Chronicles and it was freaking cake! Yeah, you'll have to read the book to get the definition of that word! Needless to say, it's truly a remarkable and memorable read!! I've loved this series from the getgo, I mean how you can you not love after meeting Cole? He's freaking Cole!!! And Ali is just amazing as well! I've loved watching her character grow from ordinary teen who loses family to total badass zombie slayer!

We kind of pickup where we left off. Slayers are missing, and Ali and her friends are ready to bring down Anima once and for all, but it's not going to be easy. There will be losses, betrayals, shocking secrets revealed and more! If you thought the past books have been epic, you're going to be blown away with the finale!

Ali and the slayers team up with another group of slayers led by River. He was yet another delight! I seriously love these groups of slayers. Both Cole's and River's! If I can't have Cole, can I please have one of these other guys?! Seriously, I love them all! Even if we only get a few interactions with them, you can see that despite being total badass zombie killers, they're also incredible guys as well. Seriously, I want one!

These characters are beyond a doubt my favorite part of the series! Cole...need I say more?! This boy will be the death of me. And I'm way too old for him too! Kat is forever the best friend in the world! I love her spunky personality and her sass. She never lets life get her down especially with her condition. She lives it to the fullest. And my word, that girl has attitude with a capital A! She's amazeballs! And Ali's granmother! I adore that little old lady! Her way of trying to be "hip" and relate to teens by speaking like them is just too funny! I always crack up when she's getting the "down low" from Ali!

The ending of the story doesn't come without heartache and more surprises, but it was done very well! I found I wasn't a sobbing mess, but there were some sniffles! I feel content and happy with where our characters are. Sure, I am sadden by some and curious as to what a few of our other possible couples are at with things, but in the grand scheme of it all, I am happy! Plus the epilogue of Cole's letter to the reader was enjoyable as well! I loved this tiny little insight into his head! And it's definitely an epilogue, just so you know! It was simply perfect!

The Queen of Zombie Hearts is incredibly awesome and totally amazing! The ENTIRE trilogy is freaking astounding, people!! Never has a trilogy so totally blown me away with its high action, suspenseful storytelling and swoonworthy romance! Yes, swoonworthy! I've become a total romantic at heart over the years! When did that happen?! Seriously, I can't pin down the book that totally thawed what I thought was an icy heart towards romance! LOL!

If you're looking for a perfectly fabulous read filled with romance, action, suspense, secrets, laughs and yes, ZOMBIES, then you simply have to read the White Rabbit Chronicles asap! It's not a trilogy to be missed!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

The Queen of Zombie Hearts releases September 30, 2014


  1. I love, love, love this series so very much and hate that it's ended! Amazing review, Jessica!

    LOL @ taking River if you can't have Cole :)

  2. I need to catch up on this series, looooooove these covers!

  3. YAY! I'm so glad you rated this one 5 stars. I cannot WAIT to get to read it. Very happy that you were so pleased with how everything turns out for our characters. Thanks so much for a great review :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


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