Sep 11, 2014

Random Thursday

Ready for some more Jaws fun facts?! I tell you I got enough of these to go around through all of October. Well until that last Thursday anyway!

In the actual Jersey Beach shark attacks of 1916, the sequence of attacks is similar to the film! A swimmer in the surf, a dog, a boy, and the leg of a man in a tidal slough.

It wasn't said if Steven did this intentionally or not, so I can't say that he did.

Also note, the dog in Jaws didn't die. He overheard Brody talking about the shark attack of Chrissie happening at the beach and thought, F-this sh*t and ran off the beach and headed home.*

*so says me! ;) Seriously, I rewrote that in my head when I was young because I couldn't stand the truth. And if you turn the volume up you can actually hear the opposite of my "truth" happening. So I don't turn the volume up basically!


  1. Ooo... I found that movie scary. Thanks for sharing the fun fact though.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. Being a huge shark fan, I watched an entire documentary on the 1916 attacks (back when I had the discovery Channel and could watch Shark Week. *sigh* I miss it). The thing that is especially scary about the movie (the book too), is that the attacks in the beginning are very plausible. An attack at night (when they hunt), an attack on a dog (their swim movements attract sharks), the attack on the boy on the raft (he was lagging behind the rest of his friends looking like the weak one). It's just not plausible for just one shark to do all that.

    Did you also know that nowadays they suspect the 1916 attacks were caused by at least one bull shark? I swear, bull sharks scare me more than great whites!


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