Sep 23, 2014

Review--Unforgotten by Jessica Brody

Some memories are better left forgotten...

After a daring escape from the scientists at Diotech who created her, Seraphina believes she is finally safe from the horrors of her past. But new threats await Sera and her boyfriend, Zen, at every turn as Zen falls prey to a mysterious illness and Sera’s extraordinary abilities make it more and more difficult to stay hidden. Meanwhile, Diotech has developed a dangerous new weapon designed to apprehend her. A weapon that even Sera will be powerless to stop. Her only hope of saving Zen’s life and defeating the company that made her is a secret buried deep within her mind. A secret that Diotech will kill to protect. And it won’t stay forgotten for long.

Packed with mystery, suspense, and romance, this riveting second installment of Jessica Brody’s Unremembered trilogy delivers more heart-pounding action as loyalties are tested, love becomes a weapon, and no one’s memories are safe.

Jessica Brody's Unforgotten was definitely an unforgettable read and was just amazing! I am left stumbling, trying to figure out how I will survive the coming months until I get my hands on the finale! February cannot get here soon enough!!

Sera and Zen are in 1609 in the outskirts of London, finally living in the time of their desires. But their lives are anything but glamorous working on a farm, but they are together and happy. Then Zen gets sick and even with what little medical help there's available in 1609, he's in danger of dying and when an accident leads Sera to expose her abilities, she gets in some hot water! All in part one too!

After that predicament Sera is back to jumping through time trying to find someone who can help her rescue Zen. Instead, a guy named Kaelen finds her and he just so happens to work for the same company she was working with. There's something strange about Kaelen and he's definitely a mystery all on his own! His character reveals itself on one front, but then slowly he begins to turn into someone else. So yeah, I'll leave that vague little tidbit up to you to decipher!

I was tickled with glee to find some returning characters in this story, and I don't just mean the obvious Sera, Zen, and their enemies! Another character from Unremembered comes back and it was truly a delight to see. Things are really coming together for the trilogy in this one. Ties and connections are being made and revealed and it's definitely going to set a precursor of sorts for the finale!

I was a little upset to see that Zen wasn't around much in this book. Since he takes ill in part 1, he pretty much remains as such and is out of it for the entire book. The other guy, Kaelen is around, true, but yet he's so puzzling. I can't honestly say if we're facing a love triangle or not. It's one of those complicated love "messes" that occasionally pop up. But since it's not a traditional love triangle for Sera, I'm thrilled! I can't say I'm rooting for Kaelen either, like I said, the boy confuses and confounds me! But I do like that about him. He's an enjoyable character in some sense, but I can't be sure if I want to see him end up with Sera.

The pacing to this one was just as exciting as the first, if not more. Now Sera knows who she is and what's going on. What the dangers are. And now the dangers are back in full force and to make matters even more tense, Zen's health continues to worsen! So there's definitely a lot of tension surrounding this storyline! Everyone seems to be harboring a secret of some sort. And how that will all play out in the end will have to wait until the final book!

The ending was pretty spectacular too! Kind of having a shocking twist to it because one moment I thought we were going down path a but then suddenly we're already on path b! That was definitely a twist I didn't see coming and it was awesome! Of course, the final few words leaving you hanging. So yes, it's a cliffhanger ending, beware! The wait until February is going to be dreadful in full force people! Read at your own risk! 

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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