Sep 23, 2014

Movie Blathering on Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

Without a doubt one of my most fave pictures of the Captain! Ah, movie 1! Such memories...!

So anyway, earlier this weekend I was talking with my mom about things and I started thinking about upcoming movies for 2015. Initially, I thought we were finally getting Pirates of the Caribbean 5 next year, but alas, it's not until 2017! 2 more years without Captain Jack Sparrow! How will I go on?!

Anyway, I was just browsing over the cast list so far and really, everyone is only "rumored" to be in the movie! The ONLY definite, naturally, is Johnny Depp!

The title, as of now, is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. So then I was looking at the "rumored" cast list and saw some notable names, like Geoffry Rush (Barbossa), Kieth Richards (Captain Teague), Mackenzie Crook (Ragetti--or how as I remembered him when describing him to my mom, the pirate with the loose eye!) and THEN there was ORLANDO BLOOM as Will Turner & JACK DAVENPORT as James Norrington.

Then I was like say WHAT?! That means that POSSIBLY Will as the "new" Davy Jones would be popping up and that James Norrington...the man who DIED in POTC: At World's End would be BACK! And here I'm he the "dead man" not telling a tale? Or something like that! I mean Will is escorting dead souls to the afterlife or something like that and I was wondering, did he somehow finagle things around and has Norrington on his crew? Norrington rejected Davy Jones's offer to join the crew for 100 years or whatever and accepted his fate to die, and I am wondering, could that have been reversed somehow?

Only time will tell unfortunately! Hopefully in the next year or so we will at least have a full, definite cast list instead of  the 10 or so "rumored" celebs. And hopefully then as well, we'll have a plot description to go with it.

And so far, the movie is to be released July 7, 2017!


  1. Somebody must watch these movies a lot because I am reading that and going..okay I don't think I remember any of Maybe I need to watch them over it's been a

  2. I'm sooooo excited for the next film. I miss Jack Sparrow :(

  3. I'm so happy that Will Turner will be returning for this! Hopefully the series goes out with a bang!

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

  4. I hadn't heard that it will be released in 2017 :-( Hard to wait that long.....But if Will Turner is back, then it will be worth the wait!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Em @

  5. (Sigh)...Johnny Depp. He looks so good as Captain Jack too! I can't wait either. I guess in the meantime I'll just rewatch the others over and over again.

  6. I just don't know... do we need another film?? We'll have to see if they can liven up the series again. Though I will never forget the first film and how much I loved it.


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