Sep 28, 2014

Stacking the Shelves

This weekly meme is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process!

Made it through another week! Whew! After the insane-ness of last week's haul, it was kind of nice having a low key haul this week! Even better is that I'm already halfway through one of the new reads, so it's one less to add to the TBR Mountain of Doom--yes I had to give it a new name! ;)

For review from the publiher via Netgalley, I received and am already reading:

Gray Bishop by Kelly Meade (ARC)

THANK YOU Intermix & Netgalley!

Then books I bought were (due to having coupons from B&N last week and a 20% off offer this weekend):

The Merciless by Danielle Vega
The Beast Within by Serena Valentino
Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

And then not bookish, but totally DISNEY, I found myself finally using up a gift card and made myself not spend much more than it was worth, you want to talk about willpower, that was it! Here's what I bought:

a Disney Vinylmation: Mickey as a nerd!
a Pascal ornament where he's wearing a dress Rapunzel made in her daily activities!*
*since there wasn't a Maximus, I went with Pascal, as he was my second fave character in the movie!

And that was my haul this week! What did you get?


  1. I also have the Meade book and I'm curious to try it. Happy reading!

  2. Gray Bishop looks especially good to me. I hope you are enjoying it. Happy reading!

  3. I really want to read the Beast Within!

  4. I didn't love Mindy McGinnis's books, but I'm glad I read them. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Have a fabulous weekend :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. I really enjoyed Not a Drop to Drink, because of how unique it's plot was. I hope you enjoy it!

  6. I want to read The Beast Within. You'll have to tell us about it. I love the Pascal - he was my favorite character in the movie. :)

  7. A beautiful haul. Gray Bishop looks interesting. I still need to read Black Root. Good haul.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  8. Great haul! Who doesn't love a cute Disney figurine and those are so cute.

  9. Great haul, I kind of want to read The Merciless so I can't wait to see how you like it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. I enjoyed Not a Drop and hope you do too

  11. Nerdy Mickey is sooo cute, I want one! I think I have a nerdy mickey (and minnie) Xmas Tree ornament! :) YAY for Beauty and the Beast, have you read the other books (Fairest and Maleficent)? I bought them on my honeymoon at Disney World but haven't gotten to reading them yet, but I think Beast's backstory is going to be awesome!

    I had an ARC of Merciless a few months ago, super...creepy (with the whole torture aspect) and the ending was a complete surprise, hope you enjoy!

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

  12. Great haul!! I'm excited for The Beast Within! I've seen it around for a while but never picked it up. But I think I just might now! I hope you enjoy all your new goodies!

    Thanks for stopping by my STS @ Addicted Readers!: )

  13. As you know I'm reading Not A Drop To Drink right now and loving it. I hope you love it as much as I am. Happy Reading!!!

  14. The Beast Within looks excellent! And OH MY that Pascal ornament is too adorable! I definitely want one of those :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  15. Both Bishop and The Beast Within look great, Jessica! I hadn't heard of them before, but they're being added to my TBR now :)

    Happy reading :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  16. A few interesting reads there Jessica! Enjoy!

    Thanx for visiting My Weekly Wrap-Up!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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