Sep 18, 2014

Random Thursday

Carrying on with the Jaws movie facts! The summer population of Martha's Vineyard before Jaws was approximately 5,000 tourists.

After the movie came out that number jumped to 15,000 tourists!

Another tidbit about the movie is that when the trio is out on the ocean hunting the shark, the cameras always made sure to stay clear of the shoreline. They wanted the audience to feel very cut off from land and grasp that the heroes can't just run back to shore. They're too far out!

And when you watch the movie, you see this! When they're out on the ocean, we never ever see land, so it feels like they're miles away! So incredible and in reality they were likely just a few feet off the shore!

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  1. Cool, that is actually really interesting! I'm not a big fan on scary films so I don't think I have ever watched the movie in its entirety but I do remember the bits where they are in the water and you're right, there is no land in sight. Scary! :D

    By the way, I nominated you to do the Book Reading Habits tag.

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