Sep 13, 2014

Top 5 Sundays

Top 5 Sundays is a weekly blog meme created by Larissa at Larissa and Friends' Bookish Life.

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This week's topic is: Book Series with the Best Covers Overall [Part 2]

*in no particular order

Can't find a part 1, so just going to do this fresh I guess! Also hoping that this is the right topic as every time I tried to look at the poll it was constantly loading. :/


Talk about awesome covers, this series had some great ones! Even when the cover model changed, the covers were still awesome! You can just tell that this is a killer UF series!


How can I NOT mention this series?! For all my newer followers, you may not know but I was obsessed with this cover before I even read the book! It haunted me. It drove me crazy with cover love! I LOVED it! I loooooove dark colored covers, I love covers with woods, I love covers with moons...basically this cover and I were in love! Plus hot werewolf story with a heroine named Jessie (nicknamed from Jessica?!) yeah, gotta LOVE this one for a whole LOT of reasons!


Another series that had beautiful cover after beautiful cover! I must say I have loved them all! I especially love how Rachel is seen from behind much like we saw her on book 1! And to have seen her completely unhindered on the previous book was also another lovely twist! I love this series and am sad to see it end! After I get through my review books, I plan to read this one next! Might be a few months, but I gotta read it!


Since this one was a trilogy set, I decided to show them all! I love these covers! How the rose and butterfly have been shattered...and the phoenix feather for the second book! They're all just beautiful!


So this is an incomplete series, but still I truly loved these two covers! When I first saw Dearly, Departed I was in awe...then I read its cover description and nab it from whatever eARC source it was at the time! Sad that this series is in some sort of unknown hiatus but glad to hear that Lia is doing better with things and is at least writing again! Hopefully we'll be able to read that someday soon and that maybe even get a third book! Of course then I will have to re-read these because it's been too long and too many books since then!

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