Jan 10, 2019

Random Thursday

It's that time of year where I reflect back on my Disney Desk Calendar! I saved pages that had interesting factoids and ones that were clearly written by people who don't know their Disney movies that well! Lol! This week I'm sharing the interesting factoids ones!

Did you ever realize that Tiana and Naveen are the only Disney couple to have TWO weddings? It didn't really occur to me until I read this one! Naturally, it was dated, December 29/30!

At the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, held at L.A.'s Carthay Circle Theater, many celebs joined Walt and Lillian. Charlie Chapman and Shirley Temple were among them. 30,000 people were said to be waiting outside anxious to hear news about this "revolutionary film."

The beautiful color tones of Ariel's fin were created by the Disney artists mixing blue and green. This created a brand new formula that in turn earned itself a new name, "Ariel."

Baloo from The Jungle Book was created by Ollie Johnston. Baloo was initially going to be a minor character but over time Baloo's role started to grow. Phil Harris' vocal performance of the lovable bear delighted Walt and Ollie!

Because Mulan was such an action packed kind of movie, the filmmakers created new computer programs to help with the animation. The software was necessary when it came to the scene with 2,000 Hun soldiers racing down the mountainside. More software was created for the finale when there was a crowd of 3,000 below Mulan as she battled Shan-Yu.

Mel Leven wrote the famous song, "Cruella De Vil" fifteen minutes before meeting with Walt Disney! Now that's fast thinking!

I just wanted to share this one to show you the early sketches from Beauty and the Beast! Belle looks pretty cool in her dress! It looks like she took the wardrobe's advice about dinner! Lol! Guessing this is the part after Be Our Guest when Cogsworth is getting chatty!


  1. It's so cool that you do this! I didn't know any of these factoids.


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