Jan 17, 2019

Random Thursday

All righty! Time to see what mistakes were made in the Disney Desk Calendar of 2018! Some were even repeated ones, which just shocked me! Clearly they didn't get my memos! Lol!

While there is no mistake here, it was a picture and factoid that was totally repeated! It was last seen in 2016!

Here was another repeated MISTAKE! It was saying Mushu and Cri-Kee are scaring away the bad guys when really they were just scaring away the guys working the fireworks!

I'm sad to see that Disney did not catch this mistake from 2013 and instead they reused it! While in some way the fact of the matter is correct, but the part where Pascal "draws a picture of a monster" is clearly wrong as it was Mother Gothel who drew it to scare Rapunzel!

Another mistake from 2013 that goes unchecked and gets reused! "With the help of a bit of fairy dust, anyone can fly." But they were wrong! It was pixie dust!! I mean come on! Peter even says "you need a little bit of pixie dust!" Though it is odd since Tinkerbell is a fairy...why does she have pixie dust? Whatever. The calendar is still wrong to call it "fairy dust."

I believe this is a new mistake from 2018! I checked through all my blog posts and I couldn't find it anywhere, so it must be new! Lol! It basically implies that Cinderella is looking out the window in the morning, for she "greets each morning with a smile." Though this is the point where she is looking longingly at the castle wishing she could go to the ball and when she turns back around she sees the dress her little animal friends helped fix up!

All in all, not a bad year! Not too many mistakes from Disney, but I am ashamed they reused pages that had mistakes in them! I wonder what 2019 will bring...:D

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  1. I hate when 'someone' is so lazy, they don't fact check before clicking that button! Come on people. I love your random posts. Keep up the great work.
    sherry @ fundinmental


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