Sep 12, 2011


Hey all! Still a little under the weather unfortunately, but still reading too! Anyways, I was checking my email and got this incredible email from A.P. Fuchs at Coscom Entertainment! I read and reviewed his three novellas apart of the Blood of My World series: Discovery of Death, Memories of Death, and Life of Death! They were all pretty enjoyable and I read all 3 of them in a day! Really hoping for a fourth one too!!

Anyways, the GREAT news is that Discover of Death--book 1--in the series is available for FREE download for Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, and other ereaders!

Here's the story:

"Zach and Rose had fallen in love during their sophomore year, their worlds completely changed and utterly belonging to each other’s. It was the first time either had fallen in love, deeply, purely. Aiming for a future together, plans were interrupted when Zach went missing for three long months, leaving Rose distraught, heartbroken and depressed.

Zach awakens in the dark of a coffin, his memory erased, his life and feelings for Rose forgotten. A strange group of people who identify themselves as his family reveal he has become a vampire, one of the undead, and is now a being with incredible power and a thirst for blood.

However, during Zach’s absence, Rose learns of her own secret heritage: she comes from a long line of vampire slayers, hellbent on eradicating the unholy threat of the undead from the face of the Earth. Now, not only does she need to try and get over the young man she loves, she must also come to terms with her new life and what that means for her future.

It is only when her path accidentally crosses with Zach’s does lost love begin to surface again.

Discovery of Death is an approximately 25,500-word novella that reveals secrets of the undead, the Slayer Order, and will touch your heart with a story that'll keep you up into the night."

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Here are my reviews incase you're interested! They are quick reads, yet still totally amazing!!

Life of Death

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