Sep 15, 2011

Random Thursday

So I was strolling down the Barbie aisle while looking for xmas ideas for my niece--even though she's still a little young for Barbies I like to plan ahead! Anyways, I noticed that besides bringing "back" Ken, they also brought back Barbie's sisters, Stacey, Skipper--who's a brunette now! and her baby sister Chelsea?!

Who the heck is Chelsea? I thought. I mean I'm not big on Barbie's family tree or anything, but when I was a kid, Barbie's littlest sister was Kelly. And this Chelsea was even bigger or older than what Kelly was. I was just wondering why did Mattel do that? I mean what was the point of trading one lil sis for another who's only like 2 years older than the original.

I mean I guess I can understand the whole wanting to give everyone a new look, but then why did they change the name to Chelsea? Why not just make Kelly older? Not a big deal or anything, but when I saw the dolls my first thought literally was "who the hell is Chelsea?" It's times like these that I start to feel old, yet for the rest of the time I don't. At least not yet!

Anyone else notice this? Or remember Kelly as the new baby sister for Barbie! I actually had the "first" Kelly when she was "born". Me and my sister both got the little deluxe package with Kelly in her crib and it came with accessories and outfits! So cute!

Another quick thought--who the heck is Barbie's mom and how is she still having kids?! Isn't Barbie supposed to be in her 20s or something--despite her actually being older, but she kept having younger and younger sisters! Always wondered what Barbie's mom looked like, her dad too!


  1. Very true. Who is Barbie's parents? Great post!

    I have no idea where Chelsea came from.

  2. I didn't know about Chelsea but I barely remember. I'm not even old! (I think).

  3. Having the name Kelly myself and loving the dolls when I was little.. this name change is really upsetting. AND I'M 24! Honestly it's driving me crazy haha. You can't replace family!


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