Sep 14, 2011

Frustration & Tears

Well I am pretty darn right frustrated today. I get an email from Barnes & Noble saying that the book I preordered, Fateful, is going to be delayed due to a change in publication date or something like that. Yet when I looked across the net to see what the "new" date would be, I still turn up September 13! Which was yesterday! And I have no idea when I'll get my book! It just makes me so mad! Here I am trying to find a new bookstore to frequent and still save $$$ and I'm not doing so good. First off my saving isn't going so well, B&N hardly ever send me usable coupons for books I want to buy. The ones I've been getting are a % off select titles, none ever being any from my list.

It's just so irritating! And then to top it off when I was out earlier today, I saw that my fave Borders store officially closed. Didn't know that it was already closed forever, had thought maybe til the end of the week, yet knowing that it could be earlier. It still saddens me. I was shopping there for YEARS! Literally! Like being a middle school "geek" because I was the only one who wanted more than 15 minutes in SSR--sustained silent reading. Still can't get over it and it doesn't help that I can't find a replacement store to shop at. I want a physical bookstore to go to on occasion because 1 I can get books faster that way and 2 because bookstores rock!

And did I mention how lost I got when I went to a B&N? Yeah I know, I'm complaining a lot. But I just wasn't at all used to their setup and it took me forever to find the section that I wanted. And as much as I would love to shop elsewhere, it's really instores where I can save on my MM paperbacks with coupons. I still can't believe Amazon doesn't discount those! Come on, at least make them $5.99 or something and the trades $7-9 since the vary if they're YA vs adult.

I really gotta stop whining and complaining I know. But I just wanted to rant somewhere and since no one's home at the moment and I don't want to bother anyone at their jobs--their paying jobs, lucky ducks!--I decided to have myself a nice mini--okay big!--rant here. Will try to calm down. I'm getting there, once all the Borders have closed and I've had my final mourning period, I'll try to perk up some, but this all started because I got the email that said my book was going to be delayed, with no estimate of a delivery. Hence my ranting and tears! :(


  1. Jessica I totally feel your pain! I think it's so crappy that B&N basically has a monopoly now, and there's no other place to go book shopping. Personally, I liked Borders better than B&N-- it was smaller, had a "cozier" feel to it, and I just liked having the choice or option to go to one or the other-- now it's like we're all forced to go to B&N! I don't even have one all that close by, and the one that we do have is so huge, I hate going there trying to find something... it's frustrating and saddening so I completely understand!

    ~Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  2. I'm still mad about Borders closing. I have no bookstore in my town! NONE! I haven't been to a real bookstore in over a month. I live in a fairly big town and there's no place to buy books. There's even a university. It frustrates me to no end. But anyway B&N is one of my favorites but I don't think they have a lot of coupons, either. It helps to have a membership, too.

    I'm going to try to get to a bookstore soon!

    Good luck with book buying!

  3. That happened with I preordered CoFA from B&N, only I didn't get ANY notification! It was TWO WEEKS late! I was so mad! Sorry babe <3

  4. Totally understandable Jess! I had preordered Blood Bound in January (from or so and when August 23rd rolled around and I thought that I would be getting the book in the mail I got an email instead that said that there was a delay in shipping and that I wouldn't get it until NOVEMBER! 3 months late? No way... Crazily enough, I went to the States with my dad that day and I picked a copy up at B&N... Anyways, excited to see your review for Fateful when you do get it (fingers crossed soon!).

  5. Hey Jessica,
    I too feel your pain! My Borders has closed doors, so I am very limited as to where I can go browse for books. I have ordered books lately from Walmart online, great prices and I can find just about everything. Have a great week always look forward to your reviews and post!
    See ya,

  6. They should be able to send you your preorder. I think your post is completely understandable. I would be lost without my two local bookstores. I'm fortunate.

  7. Sorry to hear about your frustrations! I hope you find a book store soon!

  8. You should check Target for new mass market and YA releases. All mass markets are 25% off, which makes them $5.99. There aren't always that many new releases that I want, but bigger authors like Jeaniene Frost and Carrie Vaughn can be found. All YA titles are 10% off, sometimes more if they're really popular releases. I know it isn't much, but it's better than nothing at B&N.

    And I definitely feel your pain about Borders closing. That was where I went to hang out on Saturday nights (if I was the only one not working). Now, the closest bookstore is B&N, but it's a tiny store in a tiny mall. They only get about half of the new releases I'm looking for every week. The nest closest is Books-A-Million, but I can never find anything because they don't know how to sort alphabetically. I miss Borders. :( And I hope you find a good bookstore soon.


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