Sep 30, 2011

Review--Blood Rules by Christine Cody

After the vampire named Gabriel came into her world, Mariah Lyander was forced to face her true nature and admit to the terrible things she had done--things that Gabriel could not forgive.

To redeem herself and recover her own humanity--and Gabriel's love--Mariah sets out on a perilous journey across the haunted land, in search of a rumored cure. And Gabriel, blood-bounded to her, is compelled to follow.

Together--yet not together--they will face danger and death. And what they will find is not a place where monsters can be cured--but one where they are born...

Christine Cody's Blood Rules picks up shortly after Bloodlands. This time around Mariah wants more than anything to be rid of her wolf-self. She's not happy being a were and the things she does as a were. When rumor gets around that there's a possible cure for weres she decides to set out and find it. Gabriel comes along as well, even though he's still not happy with her for what she did.

There's a lot of tension between Gabriel and Mariah. Mariah still cares for him, but she knows he dislikes her at the moment. But Gabriel is still trying to fight his feelings for Mariah. After learning what she did, it cuts him deep, yet feelings for her are still there. He doesn't know what to do.

The pacing of this one was okay I guess. Mariah and Gabriel venture out trying to find the person who knows the cure to weres, but what they don't know is that Stamp is on their tail. He's after all the weres involved in the battle from last time around and he's out for vengeance and won't stop til they're all dead. Mariah and Gabriel have no idea the kind of trouble they're about to get themselves into. Plenty of action and danger.

There's some shockers towards the end of this book, and what makes things a little confusing is that I can't fully comprehend where the storyline is headed. The next one, In Blood we Trust, I believe is the last one. After finishing the book, I just feel like I don't know what Mariah and Gabriel will do next. There's a vague idea on the horizon, but will that be the main part of the next book?

I just didn't enjoy this as completely as I did the first one. Bloodlands had some surprises and fun twists. You really never knew what was going to happen next! This one, while it had some surprises, just didn't have that same excitement. It was still a decent read I suppose, but not as good as the first book.

Overall rating 3/5 stars

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  1. I saw the cover some months ago but didn't look for this series. thanks for the review, I will try to look for the first one.


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