Sep 1, 2011

Random Thursday

Has anyone else notice how "dark" Disney movies are getting lately? I mean besides the fact that nearly every Disney princess (with exceptions of course: Tiana, Rapunzel, Aurora) doesn't have a mother, and Bambi's mom dying. **I was watching that movie with my 2 year old niece and while she was distracted for some of the movie, the one part she does happen to watch is when the mom dies. She even asked me "where's his mom?" And I was like "uhh...I don't know?"

Besides that stuff, did anyone notice how scary things get towards the end of Toy Story 3? When the toys are trying to get back to Andy and end up in the dump and how they were almost melted? When I was in the theater a little boy even said he wanted to go home because he was scared. 

Another movie is Up. I mean that old explorer dude was going to kill the little boy just because he wanted to rescue the rare bird! He was even going to kill Mr. Fredrickson. I mean, how scary is that? He admitted to killing other explorers as well so they wouldn't get to his prize.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Disney movies, these were just things I noticed. It didn't really affect me right away since I'm 23 but when taking a step back and looking at it through a kid's eyes...just about any Disney movie can be scary. I mean the villain does usually die at the end, whether at the hero's hands or not. 

Just something I've noticed over the years and when trying to find a movie to watch with my niece so it won't scar her for life. ;)

*But like I said, she's 2 going on 3, so her attention span can be kinda short at times with movies. She does like the movie the Labyrinth--yet when David Bowie makes his first appearance she does get scared, which it is sort of scary with the dark, shadows, goblins laughing and then boom David Bowie in all his glory! So yeah, almost any kid's movie these days can be kinda scary!


  1. I suppose a lot of Disney movies are pretty dark but it's the same for the older ones. They're based of fairy tales. Have to ever read the original Alice in Wonderland? Pretty creepy! Great post Jess!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  2. Not just kid's movies these days. Even the ones from when we were kids (I'm 22) could be really scary. Even nursery rhymes could be a bit on the morbid side (Rock a bye baby anyone?). Maybe we just tend to notice it more now as adults because when I was a kid I never noticed them being scary.


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