Sep 22, 2011

Random Thursday

Okay, here's more reminiscing on toys that I used to have when I was kid in the 90s and for some reason the big wigs have brought them back. One of the ones that has disappointed me the most is Polly Pocket. They just totally changed her and the whole concept of Polly Pocket.

The advertisements--that I vaguely recall--said that Polly was the girl who fits in your pocket. Sorta. Polly herself no problem, but her little "world" would definitely put an unseemly buldge in your pocket.

And plus there was always tons of themes and ideas to be had with the old Polly. There were restaurants, cozy cottages, Xmas houses, winter lodges, Princess castles, a Mansion--which I did have!, fast food restaurants, preschools...I can seriously go on and on. I have a good memory for some of my toys. Mostly because they're still in the basement and plus my niece was getting into some of the boxes recently.

Now Polly is this huge figurine. Okay, not huge, but a massive difference in size compared to her 90s self. And all you do with this Polly is change her clothes. Sure, there are a few playsets. I guess I'm just miffed that one of my childhood memories is being "revamped" into something I don't like. 

So there's my rant for the day. Does anyone else remember the 90s Polly? The one that was smaller than Thumbelina?

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  1. I totally agree about Polly Pocket. My daughter loves her, but I miss the ones I played with as a little girl. They are completely different.


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