Sep 29, 2011

Random Thursday

Today I feel like mentioning a little more on some of the awesome toys that I used to play with back in the 90s! They're just not the same these days.

Some faves included:

Flipping Fancies: These little figurine dudettes that you could mix and match their appearances! Sometimes you could rotate the heads and their hair! And other times just their clothes. I was playing with these with my niece a week or so ago and had total trip down memory lane! Of course the outfits didn't always look pretty mixed and matched but oh well!!

Not 100% clear on this one's name, I always referred to them as the Cupcake Girls, because when the dress is folded up it's a cupcake!! See the tiny pic? Then when you unfolded the silicone skirt, she's a person and the icing is her sun hat! Kind of weird, but hey we all had weird toys as kids!

Playground Kids!! I loved these! My sister too! They were just so fun to play with, especially with all their little accessories! I was playing with these with my niece too! And surprisingly, I did have this one; Jennifer!

Popples were another of my faves! Thought they were so cute! I can't remember too much about them other than that they fold into themselves or something and make themselves into a ball and "pop" around! But they were sooo cute! They even tried to bring em back a few years ago, but I don't think they sold well, so they went away again!

This was actually the Popple I had! Or still have in the basement! It was Baby Popples! So cute! Of course mine's really worn out lookin!

So those were some of my fave toys from the 90s! Really could go on and on, but decided to leave it at these. They're probably some of the lesser known ones too for that matter! But they were my faves and I actually still have a lot of them in the basement like I said! Except for the cupcake girl, think I lost her! Saw a skirt cover and an arm a few years ago while looking for something else though. Skirt might still be there, but the arm may have gone in the trash! :)


  1. Omg I totally remember the cupcake girls! Loved playing with those. For me the toys I remember most are Glow Worms (I think this was a hand-me-down from my brother though) and Baby Alive, and what else. Hmm...Oh yeah Polly Pocket! I loved those. :) Oh and of course Barbie. But that's just a classic. lol

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

  2. Hey Jessica! I just wanted to let you know that I launched a new feature today where I stalk fellow bloggers for a week. This time around I chose you! Check out what I had to say if you have a moment.

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  3. Its so crazy how much only a few years can make a difference! Being a 90s baby (as in born in '90) I didn't play with any of these toys- in fact, this is the first time I have heard of any of them aside from a Popple! I remember back in the day we had Pogs and Crazy Bones... ;)

  4. I loved Popples and Cupcake Dolls!

    I think I still have my Quints ( somewhere...

    I also loved Puppy and Kitty in My Pocket, Polly Pocket/Mighty Max, My Little Pony and Cherry Merry Muffin (!BtGb2k!!Wk~$(KGrHqQOKjYEvmOSR1VHBL6g32,wcw~~_3.JPG)!

    This post has me all thirsty for a Fruitopia or a Clearly Canadian. Ahh, the Golden '90s!

  5. OMG Popples!!! Damn you just brought back a ton of memories! I loved me some Popples back in the day. Not only were they cute and cuddly but, they doubled as a weapon when my sister would start to get uppity. What? I didn't throw it hard or anything. ;-)

    On a side note...I'm a new follower. =) Found you via Rabid Reads' Holler at a Blogger feature.


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