Sep 17, 2011


Today I went to Bouchercon! It's a mystery type convention with mystery writers and other people in the genre. Truthfully I just went because I wanted to see some of my fave authors who were still hanging out that day! I got to meet Nicole Peeler, Juliet Blackwell, and Victoria Laurie! It was pretty fun! I got to chat with them for about an hour before Victoria had to leave for home and Nicole and Juliet had other things to do!

But still, it was a good hour! I popped in on a few panels that were pretty interesting. Mostly they sort of related to mystery so I didn't take a whole lot in. But I did come out with a nice big bag of books, plus other goodies as well!

Stick around because as soon as I get things settled--have to unload and sort through all the books!, I'm going to have a contest!

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