Sep 16, 2011

Review--Crossroads by Jeanne Stein

As a bounty hunter, Anna Strong knew how to find trouble. But now that she's a vampire, trouble seems to have a knack for finding her...

The death of Anna's old vampire mentor is causing ripples in the mortal world. His forensic report has brought up some anomalies, and people are asking questions--questions that no vampire wants to answer.

Anna needs to lie low, but with the sudden discovery of a slew of drained bodies near the Mexican border, and some stunning news from an unexpected source, she soon finds herself on a journey that may threaten her existence--and that of all vampires.

Jeanne Stein's latest in her Anna Strong Vampire novels, Crossroads, takes Anna on a journey with her shifter friend Frey far across the states.

The story opens up with Max needing a favor from Anna, he needs to track a possible vampire that is helping Mexicans cross the border, yet kills them before they reach American soil. This part of the story sounded really really familiar to me. I haven't read Chosen since last year, but for some reason I swear that this part of the story came from it, it just sounded so familiar, yet I couldn't find it in the the other book. But regardless, that's not the important part of the story. It actually takes place before Anna even sets out on the life changing journey and is solved and closed up. But still, I might have to dig deeper into the other books to find it. It just kept bugging me while I read.

Moving on! Anna and Frey are headed out towards a reservation where Chael claims there is a shaman that can restore Anna's humanity. She would no longer be a vampire or The Chosen One, but regain her humanity, something she's wanted since becoming a vampire. Yet something doesn't feel right.

Still Anna and Frey make the journey and there are some surprises awaiting Anna. Like the fact that Frey has a child there who lives with his mother (the child's, not Frey's). But it soon becomes apparent that something sinister is going on on the reservation when tragedy strikes. And who else but Chael happens to be there at the time, Judith.

Basically a murder mystery starts, and I love a good mystery--reminds me of my days of watching Scooby-Doo! Anyways I had some of the mystery right, but not all of it. In the end things are wrapped up nicely as they always are. And there's a big decision Anna has to make, which it sorta becomes obvious what it is and what she will choose.

Overall it was a pretty good story. Besides the part that felt like I've read before, and the rest it made a good story. There wasn't a whole lot of romance or romantic tension which was kind of sad. I was hoping for some sparks, but oh well. Still look forward to seeing more of this series and finding out how it all ends!

Overall rating 3.5/5 stars

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