Dec 1, 2014

Mini(ish) Review--Hunted by Rachel Vincent

This short story was previously in the anthology Chicks Kick But

It’s been more than four years since Abby Wade survived capture and torture by a quartet of rogue shifters. Back then she was a scared kid, just trying to survive.

Now Abby is all grown up, and if she’s learned anything from training with Faythe Sanders, the world’s first female Alpha, it’s that she can take care of herself—and anyone else who comes along. So when her college roommate is abducted from a campsite deep in the Appalachian woods, Abby knows exactly how to get her back…

The rules of the hunt are simple. Kill or be killed.

Abby Wade is not ready to die.

So I did read Rachel Vincent's Hunt when it was first in the Chicks Kick Butt anthology, but this one was supposed to have a little extra fodder for the new series that will expand the Shifters world!! Though, I must admit, I could not bring myself to read the sneak peek into Lion's Share. I have this thing about samplers or sneak peeks, I can't stand them! While in theory, they are very kind and generous and awesome...I'm just one of those readers who wants to read the whole thing! In the past when I read said samplers and sneak peeks I was left reeling and drooling for more...with like a year's wait until the next one! Yeah, I've learned my lesson there!

Anyway, this little story takes place over four years since Stray and Abby is all grown up now. Though still haunted at times by what happened to her as a young teen. When she and her friends decide to go on a camping trip, the typical "nothing can go wrong" comes into play and the also typical, "everything goes wrong" happens! Abby's friends are attacked by a group of guys, but the thing is they are all human! 

Now Abby has to find the remaining kidnappers and rescue her best friend, before Robyn meets the same fate as the others...or just as worse, meeting the fate Abby met when she was kidnapped. 

Jace is there too as the Alpha and I have to say that I always liked Jace, just not for Faythe. I was a total Team Marc fan! I could see Abby and Jace being happy know, once things get rolling after this.

It's possible the extra "fodder" I sensed was more connections between Abby and Jace. Though they don't have a lot of page time together, the time they were on the same pages there were these little hints, little instigators that are likely a precursor for Lion's Pride! Let's just hope that puppy--or should I be weird and say kitty?--gets released this month! Though, I am totally prepared to wait longer! I've waited this long for more Shifters books, I can wait some more too!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. Hahaha! Oh I'm a sucker for teasers and samples. I devour them and patiently or not so patiently wait for the rest. So glad you enjoyed it! Great review :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  2. Awesome. I didn't know about the new series can't wait to read it :)

  3. I understand what you're saying about teasers and samples, Jessica...but I just can't seem to resist! *ha* I need to read Hunted - I have the Chicks Kick Butt Anthology but sadly, it's still sitting on my bookshelf unopened. *frowns* I was always a Jace fan as well - just not for Faythe. She and Marc belonged together. :) I'm glad you enjoyed this one and I can't wait for Lion's Pride!


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