Dec 25, 2014

Random Thursday

It's Christmas Day!!! YAY! Hope everyone is having a GREAT holiday!

I don't know if I've ever shared with you all, but I have a seriously odd obsession with Gingerbread Cookies at Christmas time! It's weird! I think it stemmed from Shrek, because I seriously LOVED Gingy! He was my favorite secondary character, because he was just awesome!

Here's my Christmas decorations for my bedroom at the holidays! As you can see I have many Gingerbread items. Mostly stuffed animals! Then I have this cool Jim Shore Santa that has some Gingerbread Cookies on top of him sweater thing! 

But's an obsession! I have the Black Friday exclusive from like 3 years ago that was a Gingerbread boy and girl, that same year I believe, I bought a Gingerbread outfit for a Build a Bear! I have miniature Gingerbread boys and girls, a decorative bowl and of course, a Tervis cup!

So's an odd obsession, but what can I say? I LOVE Gingerbread people! LOL!

Hope you all are having a HAPPY HOLIDAY!


  1. that is quite a collection of ginger bread toys =)
    merry Christmas


  2. That is so cool! It's different I like it, I collect snowmen and :) Merry Christmas!!


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