Apr 2, 2022

ARC Review--Autumn's Wolf by Alyssa Rose Ivy


Four Courts. Four Fae princesses in need of a shifter mate. And a war for the ages.

Autumn is the heir to Autumn Court, yet she has never felt equal to the other heirs. When the opportunity comes to step up and protect the others, she doesn’t back down. Thankfully she can do it with sexy Wolf Shifter Knoll at her side.

Knoll is only at Autumn Court to help his brother, but he knows immediately Autumn is the one for him. His wolf calls for her, and he will do anything to help and protect her.

When saving the courts requires trusting in Autumn’s gifts and each other, will the two unite and travel between worlds and time?





I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Alyssa Rose Ivy returns once again to A Court of Shifter’s Chronicles, it’s a world that ties her other Chronicles world and Afterglow world together! Autumn’s Wolf continues the stories that follow the fae princesses in these seasonal courts as they find love and try to save their kingdoms from a growing evil.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Ivy’s worlds she has created and I was happy to dive back in! What I have loved about her series from the beginning is how expanding the world is here! With all the stories that develop, you’ve always been able to find a connection from one to another, though some have branched out to other worlds too. This one begins to build a bridge between them all and it definitely presented a few questions as I read, wondering just what is happening in the Chronicles world! I remember at one point Alyssa was getting ready to unleash a second phase of Chronicles books once she got things settled in the current running series.

I feel like I spent a lot of time in this book looking for all those answers because while this was a shorter read for me, sooo many things were happening! We finally get to the Autumn court, where the princess, aptly named Autumn, is trying to figure out what the shadowy darkness invading her kingdom is and how to stop it. When a mysterious prince Walter comes with a “friend” in tow to Autumn’s kingdom promising her solutions and answers…if she agrees to marry him.

Naturally, Autumn is skeptical and has no intention of marrying a stranger right off the bat, but his friend, Knoll is someone who really catches her eye. Knoll is a wolf shifter, and as we learned from the past three books of this series, a fae princess must find her wolf mate in order to come into her power and be ready to lead her kingdom. It’s not long before Autumn realizes that Knoll is her wolf.

Though when Autumn and Knoll come together, Walter is ready to change up his bargain for Autumn; marry Knoll and agree to come with the two of them to their home, and they will provide the answers she needs to save her kingdom. This is where things start to get really trippy, we’re talking legit time-warp trippy!

I’ll admit, I got a bit loss with some of the time-traveling/world jumping. Autumn and Knoll somehow get separated from Walter and are jumping into other worlds they are not familiar with but are totally familiar for us! We see more than one familiar face which I loved, but wow. My mind was positively spinning with just what was happening here! I felt a little overwhelmed at times, as I tend to do with time-travel or essentially, world-jumping type books.

I felt like this whirlwind of “hopping around” was still executed quite well, as Autumn and Knoll were confused as well. They didn’t understand what was happening either and what it came down to doing what was necessary to save Autumn’s kingdom. We do get to see the other fae princesses with their mates again, but sadly, it wasn’t a full on reunion like I had anticipated.

My head is still kind of spinning from this book itself. It was quite literally a whirlwind of action as things just kept moving from place to place! It wasn’t too hard to follow, but it does move at a rather fast pace. I enjoyed it for sure, though I do wish things could have been a bit longer, but isn’t that every reader’s request? For a longer story? Lol.

While I thought this book would close a chapter on this particular part of the world series, it actually left a few open doors. I suspect this was all intentional and answers will be coming along in books to come, possibly even in the next series. I will say that I was a bit puzzled, there were a few questions I had about where particular characters ended up after they left the scene, but I have never known Ivy to leave readers completely hanging. I do believe answers will come with time and future books. Now all I can do is anxiously await the next installment.

Based on how things went down in this particular book, I would definitely recommend reading the other books of this series line…though it would be beneficial to have read some of Ivy’s other books. This book really bridged together a few different series and characters, that I cannot say new readers will fall easily into this world. But at the same time, it is doable! Having been reading these books over the years, my memory isn’t the best at characters from way back when, yet I was able to follow along with the different additions very well. It was more piecing the overall puzzle together that started to become difficult. But again, I will say that I think things will be made clearer once the next book comes along and I am eagerly awaiting that day for many reasons!

Autumn’s Wolf was a heart-racing and breath-taking read that kept me on the edge of my seat and I cannot wait to see what will happen next in this world!



Overall Rating 4/5 stars






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