Apr 15, 2022

Info Dump Bookish Tag


So earlier this week I saw this fun post over at Tell Me a Yarn and thought it looked like fun! I love explaining things in a sort of info dump way. I'm pretty bad about doing the opposite actually. Lol. I always feel like explaining my answer!

This tag originated over at Books and Chocaholic booktube channel.

How many books on average do you read per month?

I would estimate about 4-5 maybe? It's changed over the past few years with the different job changes.

How many books are on your TBR?

I would estimate about 450. 

How do you organize your books on your shelves?

I am totally old school in this and it's alphabetized by author's last name. No genres, no colors...just old school alphabetization! For authors with multiple books/series I generally organized the series by what was read first vs what was published first...though about 99% of those were read in published order! I can't really remember what series I might have read by an author then backtracked to their backlist! Of course since space became limited, some books had to be taken down to make room for new ones. Those then don't get any organization sadly, more like fitting them into whatever box/tub/cabinet works best!

What genres do you read the most from?

Paranormal, fantasy, and mysteries/thrillers--the thrillers tend to be YA ones whereas the mysteries are mixed. Though most of the adult ones are cozy paranormal mysteries...the best of both worlds! Lol! The paranormal and fantasy are mixed between adult, new adult, and young adult!

Which genres do you own the most of?

Pretty much paranormal, fantasy, and mysteries/thrillers--all across the board with adult, new adult, and young adult.

Which is your preferred form of reading (physical, audio, ebook)...?

Physical all the way! eBook on occasion where it's really the only way I can read it...mostly with indie authors and I still always buy at least 1 physical copy of theirs too!

Who is your most owned author?

Stephanie Garber--oddly...only 88 books. I thought it would've been more. Currently she only has 4 books published. lol
Maria V. Snyder--72 books...book 73 is in route though! She has 21 books with a handful of short stories published.
Jennifer L. Armentrout--84 books. A mix of ARCs and international copies and a few different reprints--mainly just the Lux series.
Keri Arthur--31 books. She has a lot more than that published but this is what I have in my horde. Though I still need to get caught up with her newer titles!
Kelley Armstrong--56 books, I've read most of them with another handful in my TBR, a couple being short story collections as well!
Kim Harrison--26 books and I just finished an ARC of what will be 27 come June!

**The first three authors are ones I collect and the other three are ones I've been reading for ages!

Describe your favorite writing style.

I don't know how to describe it, but just one that flows easily? Like it's the character telling their story to you (in whatever pov it's written in). Nothing that's too flowery or poetic or riddled with too many metaphors and similes or over the top descriptions. Just easy flowing words to tell an amazing story.

What literary devices do you like/dislike?

Well, I don't mind the metaphors and similes. I just don't like there being too many. I do enjoy getting an idea of what the scene looks like, as long as it doesn't take several paragraphs. Basically I'm up for pretty much any device, as long as they aren't overused.

Which character archetypes do you enjoy?

I like your complicated villain. You know the type. The one where you can't quite tell if they are a villain or reluctant ally. You never know what they will do or if they can even be trusted.

Which are your favorite book settings?

I like the other side of our mortal world. If you read some of the paranormal books I do, you know that sometimes there are hidden parts right in front of us in our society that are just riddled with paranormal people/creatures. I also enjoy the fantasy worlds that are filled with sweeping hills and looming mountains and huge epic castles!

What are your favorite romantic and plot tropes?

I do love a good enemies to lovers. 

One thing I have come to almost hate are cliffhangers. Yes, they can be...exciting, but my fear has always come from--and rightly so after all these years--being left hanging on that cliffhanger only to have the publisher CANCEL the series and for the author to abandon it. I know authors have their reasons for not wanting to self-publish that final book and I can respect those unknown reasons, but alas I still mourn and wish they would write that final book anyway.

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