Apr 28, 2022

Random Thursday

Time for more fun historical and political facts from Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t! Already I am enjoying this chapter much more than the last one. Even if I am not overly familiar with certain names and events!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

When Colombian cartel boss, Pablo Escobar, was at the top, he was spending $2,500 a week on rubber bands just to wrap up all the money he was bringing in. It was also estimated that he lost $2.1 billion dollars a year to rats eating the money in storage.

Jaw. Dropped.

(image borrowed from Encyclopedia Britannica)

Did you know Antarctica has the highest literacy rate in the world at 100%? Granted, it's mainly scientists who are on the continent, but the numbers are still there!

That's amazing! Lol.

(image borrowed from Folger Shakespeare Library)

Did you know that the brother of John Wilkes Boothe once rescued the Abraham Lincoln's son?

You are now entering...The Twilight Zone.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

The "Emu War" in Australia was a very real war that took place where society was trying to curb the emu population. The emus won.

That's insane!

(image borrowed from Listenwise)

In the time when Cleopatra reigned, she was closer to the moon landing than she was the building of the pyramids.

This is where my poor memory of years and time comes into play because omg!

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