Apr 21, 2022

Random Thursday


Today's the day! We enter a new chapter in Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t! For the next few weeks we'll be learning about bizarre facts regarding history and politics!

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Did you know that the state sport of Maryland is jousting?


Like, they do they still play it then? Regularly?

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Did you know that hamsters are illegal in Hawaii? Apparently, although hamsters would thrive in the climate, Hawaiian lawmakers fear the effects that bringing in a new species into the delicate ecosystem would have.


Wow! That's weird!



(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Richard Nixon really wanted to be a rapper instead of going into politics. But he apparently never found a "good rap group" to join in those days!

I guess I never thought of rap as being something that came before the 80s! It was the 70s apparently, and here I thought it was just disco that was popular at that time!

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Audie Murphy was a famous Hollywood actor, but first he was a decorated solider. He served in WWII and was awarded over 30 different medals for valor in the US military.

Not familiar with this guy, but whoa!

(image borrowed from World Atlas)

During the Civil War, an estimated 750,000 Americans died. This was 2.5% of the country's total population at that time.

Oh god, that's just terrible.

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