Apr 4, 2022

Iron Fey Cover Reveals!

Okay, I've been meaning to share these for ages! Seriously....ages! At first I wasn't sure when it would be "okay" to share them as nothing was said in my initial email, but since I've seen one of them on Goodreads now, I'm sharing them here...however late into the game it may or may not be!

As you might already know, Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey Chronicles has not only been extended with NEW installments, but the covers of the first books have been redesigned to match and now Ethan's trilogy, Call of the Forgotten, will be redesigned as well!

Aren't they amazing?! I love the colors! As you might notice, The Lost Prince has been retitled to The Iron Prince to help fit into the series! I understood the title name of course after reading the book, but did always wonder why it deviated from "iron." Wonders no more!

It looks like we might be seeing The Iron Prince releasing June 7, 2022. It looks like the other two books will release the same day as well. I'm hoping Fairy Loot will do a set of these as well as I've bought the other redesigned covers from them just to have them in glorious hardcover!

What do you think? Do you like these new covers? Have you read any part of The Iron Fey Chronicles? I still like calling the series that even though it seems the publishers have dropped "Chronicles." I like it though as not many series adds "Chronicle" to it. It's always, "series" or "trilogy/duology."

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