Apr 15, 2022

Book Blogger Hop


This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!


This week's question is: Do you prefer to leave the dust jackets on or off while reading? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addict Writer

MY ANSWER: Oooh good question! Honestly? It depends. There are some books I've found where the dust jacket easily slides between my fingers when I'm reading. Like no matter what kind of grip I have on the book, it will still slip and slide. Those I take off and just read the book without it. If the cover stays in place between my hands when I'm reading, then I'll leave it on.

There was a time--before my book sleeve collection grew--that I would take the jacket off. When I commuted to work and back, I would worry things would happen, so I took them off. Though when I discovered book sleeves that changed, but I'd still leave the cover at home if it was one that slid off a lot.

But now since I work from home, all those book sleeves are sitting in my closet not being used. They are totally good for traveling though! I used a few of them on my last trip to YALLFest to prevent damage while my luggage was on the plane down below! So I'm still getting my money's worth from them! Lol. Now I just need another book trip to go to!

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