Apr 30, 2022

Challenges Monthly Wrap-up: April

CHALLENGE 1: 2022 Discussion Challenge

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Okay, I didn't do so hot this month. On any scale apparently! I'm at 16/35, so I'm not doing too bad end goal wise!

CHALLENGE 2: 2022 Series Ender Reading Challenge

None this month! Oh the pain of not even getting 1 done! Currently at 2/5 series completed. The problem here is that I mainly have series I need to start and finish (mainly trilogies).

CHALLENGE 3: The Backlist Reader Challenge 2022

King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St. Clair (11/30/21)

I'm at 6/20 currently...feeling a wee bit uneasy at the moment.

CHALLENGE 4: 2022 New Release Challenge

Autumn's Wolf by Alyssa Rose Ivy (3/31/22)
Trouble with the Cursed by Kim Harrison (6/14/21)--Review to come at a later date

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