Apr 14, 2022

Random Thursday

We made it to the last week of sports facts from True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley! Next week we'll be moving onto politics and history.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

The Stanley Cup was created in 1892, but the one that gets awarded to the teams is actually the second iteration of it. There's also a third version that acts as a stand-in for when the real Cup isn't available. As to where the first one stands, the book does not say, I assume in a museum of some sort!

(image borrowed from ABC News)

In North America, wife-carrying is actually a sport of sorts. There is The North American Wife Carrying Championship that has been held since 1999...and this is literally the first time I'm hearing of it!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Eddie Eagan was a US boxer and bobsledder and is one of the few (or maybe only? the book was not clear) to win a gold medal in the 1920 Summer Olympics and the 1932 Winter Olympics.

(image borrowed from Metropolitan Museum of Art)

When the Olympics were first getting started in Ancient Greece, the competitors were expected to participate in the nude.

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While Tom Brady was drafted as pick 199 and led him team to win many super bowls, he was not the "lowest" draft pick to be successful. Brad Johnson was pick #227, Kurt Warner was not drafted at all! Steve Young was also not drafted but that was due to his joining the US Football League instead of the NFL. He would've been a top pick had he went into the NFL.

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