Apr 16, 2022

TBR Alphabet Book Tag

So I saw this tag the other day over at The Bucket List Book Blog and thought it looked like fun! You basically look at your TBR pile and try to find titles that start with each letter of the alphabet. I'm not sure what I will find in it to be honest, Jeanna mentions omitting titles that begin with "A" or "The" just because of the fact that they are too easy to rely on. We shall see what I find in my pile! I feel like XYZ is going to be out, Q too!

The tag was originally created at Read by Tiffany and I borrowed the above image from Jeanna as I didn't see one really at Tiffany's. 


A - After the Woods by Kim Savage
B - Baby, I'm Howling for You by Christine Warren
C - Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas

D - Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz
E - Embers by Laura Bickle--this one is one of the foundation books of my TBR pile!
F - Fable by Adrienne Young

G - Gallant by V.E. Schwab
H - Happily and Madly by Alexis Bass
I - I Do Not Trust You by Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz

J - Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay
K - King of Battle & Blood by Scarlett St. Clair
L - Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray--the size of these remaining books are so daunting!

M - Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
N - Nil by Lynne Matson
O - One Blood Ruby by Melissa Marr

P - Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik
Q - as expected, no Q titles
R - Romanov by Nadine Brandes

S - Second Star to the Left by Megan Van Dyke--every 2 weeks Book Bub asks me if I've read this. I bought it in January, so of course not!
T - Terraformer by Colleen Houck
U - Unbirthday by Liz Braswell

V - Valentine by Jodi McAlister
W - We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott
X - No X titles
Y - You're the One That I Haunt by Terri Garey--another one of my foundation books of my TBR pile!
Z - No Z titles, but I came close with one having a "The" in front of it.

So I did better than I expected and only missed 3! Q, X, and Z

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