Jan 2, 2013

Disney News!!

I've already told you guys that Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid are getting out of the vault this year, but I just checked one of my DVD websites and have found four more titles that are breaking out.

And guess what one of them is??

MULAN!!! Totally excited since I have been complaining to you guys about this one being locked up for too long and not knowing when an anniversary release would be made! But now there is a special release going on this year!! YAY! And it comes with Mulan 2!!

The others that are also releasing are:

The Hunchback of Norte Dame 1 & 2 combo pack!

Brother Bear 1 & 2 combo pack! *I couldn't find a movie cover for this one. This here is just the first DVD cover.

The 25th Anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

All four of these release March 12, 2013!

Also coming out in March sometime is:

Wreck it Ralph! I really wanted to see this one in theaters but didn't get around to it like I should have. No date yet, just sometime in March!


  1. I bought Mulan 1 and 2 off of Ebay cause I really love those movies. I hate the damn Vault!
    Wreck-It Ralph is so awesome!
    And OMG, you are barely reading The Golden Lily!?
    I thought you had already read it.
    Hope you like it and Happy 2013!

  2. My son saw Wreck-it-Ralph at the theater without me so I am looking forward to it coming out so I can watch it. Also - Mulan! That is exciting!! Love that one.

  3. *cheers* Mulan! Mulan, Mulan, Mulan! I'm so excited now... Thanks for the post :)
    siriusyareader @ Devoured by Books

  4. I'm in the Uk and both Peter Pan movies have been out for a while?


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