Jan 3, 2013

Random Thursday

Today's totally randomness brings us back to the early 90's, 1991 to be precise. This post is purely for reminiscing!

Does anyone else remember the movie posters for Beauty and the Beast when it released in 1991? I remember one of them a lot and that's this one:

Although why the Beast is in the clouds I do not know. Nor why Belle's outfit is in different colors! Funny tidbit, me and my sister had Belle Barbie dolls that were Disney-ified, much better than current ones since these older ones did better in accuracy of appearance, I believe it might have been with my sister's doll, she had a version of this dress here. I think we bought it separately or it came with some other accessory. But we do have a Belle dress that was purple with a pink top! We also had the original blue and white too! Plus her other dresses too!

Other movie posters for this movie I vaguely remember, this one sparks more familiarity than the next one I'll show you.

This one was pretty cool. Classy. Yet as a child I didn't like not seeing Belle and the Beast. I wanted to see their faces more or something. As an adult, I do like it now because it is classier. Although I do still like childishness of the first one!

And here is another post I found, not sure if I ever saw this in advertising back in 91, the first two I vaguely recall seeing. This one I might have, but the memory isn't all too clear.

This is yet another classy one. Pretty cool too, having the rose and then Belle and the Beast being images within the rose.

So does anyone else remember these poster for Beauty and the Beast? The look has been redone a few more times with the video and multiple DVD releases, but what about these first movie posters.

I always get a little upset when the movie post isn't the picture you get when you own the movie. But oh well.


  1. I agree that the first one would be the most attractive to a child, but the second and third are very classy and more appealing to adults. This was a spectacular movie and I really enjoy getting to watch another version of Belle and the Beast on Once Upon a Time.

  2. I remember the VHS version where they are dancing, this is my favorite Disney movie, the perfect way to spend a rainy day and to cheer up when I am feeling down.
    Thank you for collecting the posters I only remember seeing the rose one.
    Geeking out right now!!!
    Lil Berry @ Forget About TV, Grab a Book

  3. I actually have the first poster as the cover of my Beauty and the beast strip book! :) (I'm obsessed with fairytales, especially this one, I admit it without shame) So pretty <3 I can keep watching this movie over and over again and I wish I had the second poster! The coloring is gorgeous.


  4. The first is actually what I remember the most, Beauty and the Beast was never one of my favorites, though. The second is vaguely familiar and the third I don't remember at all. Although at my age now, I would say the third is the most appealing. Seems modern. Kind of like how they re-did all the covers of the classics to look like the Twilight covers.


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