Jan 28, 2013

Freaking Crazy St. Louis!

Seriously! Our weather in St. Louis is freaking crazy! It always is! This is January 28th, generally we still have cold weather, but not today...or tomorrow!

Check this out:

That is our weather for the week! Freaking 71! And yeah, note that Tuesday there's severe storms, so I am hoping--to ease my own anxiety--that those won't be tornadoes or anything! I get anxiety when we have those and they happen every now and then and I don't like anxiety!

Oh and did you happen to also notice that we have a chance for snow on Wednesday? 71 tomorrow and then 28 on Friday! That is crazy even for St. Louis.


  1. I totally agree. I cannot wait to get home and go for a long walk with my pup. This weather makes me smile for sure.
    Had no idea you were from STL.

  2. Wow crazy weather! I am in Australia and we have just gone from bushfires to flooding/tornadoes, it's unbelievable!

  3. I think there's somthing going on with the planet..haha! The weather here in VA is acting the same way! This past friday it was in the teens with snowshowers, today we had rainshowers part of the day and wednesday it's supposed to be 70 and then back to the 40's on thursday. CRAZINESS!

  4. I totally hear you on the crazy weather. We are to be getting winter! And we've hit 60 a few times. It's just crazy.

  5. Over here in Kansas City, we had the 70 degree weather today! I loved it! Went outside and walked in the park after work. But then later this week? Back to winter.

  6. Awwe, I'm in Texas and have the same weather. Played ball outside with my son and it felt so nice. It's the 70's with bad storms Tuesdays. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both of us that we don't have tornadoes :)


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