Jan 24, 2013

Random Thursday

Does anyone else remember The Great Body Shop? For some reason, a few weeks ago, this thing hit me and I was like, I remember that from my school days!

Does anyone else? These were pamphlets that had cartoon children learning about their bodies in some sort of educational way! Like why drugs are bad for you and what they do to your body. Or how the lungs work. Or what happens to you when you're sick. Stuff like that!

I even found the website when I googled it! I was just amazed that it was still around. For some reason I guess I thought it vanished! But, that's not the case!

I think it's great that they still have this program around. Not sure what schools are still using it. But I was just wondering if anyone else remembers this program?

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  1. This is funny! I don't remember these. I was just talking to my son the other day about those songs though - the Conjunction Junction What's Your Function and all those. And the following day he came home and said "guess what we learned" - they were still singing those songs! I bet they are still learning these in school. :) Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven


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