Jan 31, 2013

Random Thursday

Okay! Time for some total randomness!

Look what I found in my closet:

So some time ago...many many year apparently! I bought a stuffed Little Mikey (left)! Remember from Monsters Inc? When Mike had his stuffed monster bear like thing and Boo wanted to play with it? Well I found one, I believe it was at a Walgreens too! Weird how my memory works! I remember this because I recall my cousin buying one at the Disney Store at that time, but for some reason I didn't like how that one looked. Then I saw this one and thought it was too cute and bought it!

Then on the right you will see Cynthia! Yes, it's Angelica's doll from the Rugrats. Many many many years ago when I went to the Mall of America, they had a Nickelodeon store which was freaking awesome to me since I loooooved Nickelodeon! I do believe they even had the orange couch...remember Snick?! Saturday nights on Nick! Oh yeah! They had a lot of cool stuff. It was pretty pricey...at least to my young self who's only money source was allowance! But then I saw Cynthia and I had to have her! Rugrats was my favorite Nick cartoon so I bought her! And I still have her! I did notice she had something on her hair that I do not recall ever being there. Must have developed because she is so old. I never really got my toys that dirty.

So what old toys do you guys remember playing with? I thought these were extra special because they were toys within a TV show or movie! So I was totally in love with them!


  1. Oh man, I loved Rugrats!! From the age of 4 to 9 I would not let go of my Longneck from The Land Before Time :) Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  2. I liked rugrats too! It was my favorite cartoon, I don't remember owning stuffed animals from shows. I think it's cool that you still have them, the memories they must bring.

    Rivie @ Bookshelf

  3. I still have a couple of stuffed animals, the holdovers I can't get rid of. I have the first stuffed animal I ever bought (I was 5, and it was 25 cents at a yard sale. I felt like such a big girl when I bought it).

    My other really sentimental one is a toy dog that one of my neighbors gave me from her collection just before she moved.

    That monster toy is way too cute!


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