Jan 10, 2013

Random Thursday

Today I decided to give you a tour of my bookshelves! They have become quite overcrowded in recent years and sadly I have no room for another bookshelf in my room. I hope to one day have my own place so I can fill it with bookshelves.

Or at the very least, find a nightstand/small bookshelf to hold even a few more!

Okay here are my first two. You can see part of my TBR stacks in front on the one on the left, and there's another couple of stacks in the picture on the right, to the right of my bookscase! On top is my Jim Shore sculptures of Ariel in her moment on the rocks in Part of Your World and a Vampire Mickey! Because Vampire Mickeys are an all year round kind of decoration!

My order is simple alphabetical by author. Generally, if I read more than 1 series by the author, the series I read first is shelved first with the predecessors following it.

Here is another one, this one is adorned with my fave snowglobe from the Disney Store, I bought it before they initially closed at the mall near me. They actually brought back this snowglobe for the re-release of Peter Pan later next month! Next to it are the Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion sculpture by Jom Shore. Disney geek that I am, I decorate my shelves with Disney memorabilia!

And that's what's in my room. Now my closet...

I had to shove in my smallest bookcase so I could make room for a bigger one in my "main room". This shelf is actually A-a little bit of C. And yes, those are my clothes hanging n front of it. Some fairy wings on the right and TY Borders exclusive teddy bear sitting in the middle! This shelf is already overflowing, hence why some books are just sitting on the flat surface!

And finally we have the closet shelf! I cleared away junk from this side of my closet years ago so I could store more books here. These are some older series I have read. A few in the front are my maybe some days...if I ever get caught up on my TBR pile and want to read a book. There are also some doubles. I have slew of Maria V. Snyder books since I tend to get doubles on those a lot! Since I've met her twice now and have had all my books signed! And won a few as well!

So there's my bookshelves lovelies! What are yours looking like these days?


  1. I have 4 shelves full myself, so I got a kindle because I just don't have the space to keep putting books on my shelves. It's hard to maintain the room, but you always want those beauties in your hand. That TBR pile is impressive. Old Follower :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven">JC's Book Haven

  2. WOW!! You definitely have me beat!! The majority of my books now are ebooks! I still buy more books, and I still have some, but most of mine are now ebooks.

    i just dont have the room for all the books. but im a little jealous over your collection!! :)

    Love it!! I love all 3 Book covers in this series!!!

  3. (ignore that last part of my comment... I meant to paste my name, and it pasted something else I had copied and forgot about)

    -Theresa Jones

  4. Hahaha looks like you need a few more shelves Jessica! My shelves look much the same - they've all kind of spilled onto the floor because there's just not enough room. Such a good problem to have though:)

  5. Nice shelves! They look a lot like mine with all the Disney memorabilia. I'm a huge fan of the Jim Shore figurines as well. Also, love the Dearly, Departed poster!

  6. I have 5 bookshelves completely full. I need to move into a bigger place so I can get more bookshelves. lol

  7. Love the bookcase tour!! Your collection makes me swoon!!


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