Jun 18, 2013

Book News--Meg Cabot!

Okay, first I have to ask myself: WHERE THE HECK WAS I?!

I happened across this article on Goodreads recently and it says it was originally on Meg's blog/website on April 27th! Seriously, where was I?

Okay, I am not sure if I've ever discussed my LOVE for her Mediator series--I might have in the Abandon trilogy reviews--but basically I LOVE the Mediator series! It was one of the very first paranormal YA books I read and I loved it! I was ever so happy when I eventually found books 5 & 6 and I liked the way book 6 ended, it was nice, a teensy bit cheesy, but still nice for the series.

And now the BIG news!

The Mediator series has been optioned by FremantleMedia. They apparently did shows; American Idol, The Biggest Loser as well as some other unmentioned comedies and dramas.

So awesome! Hoping that that "option" goes all the way to an actual show, because seriously a ghost-y show would be freaking awesome!

To read Meg's post--from April *smacks forehead*--click here.

Then the second bit to that, which I am forgetting how I stumbled upon this tidbit on Goodreads is this:

There's going to be a Mediator book 7!! And this is old news too, because it says Meg announced this on her blog in January! January 28th! Seriously, where was I?!!

Here's what Goodreads says in the spot marked for Untitled (Mediator #7):

On January 20, 2013, Cabot announced a seventh installment to her popular Mediator series. This announcement was confirmed in a January 28 blog post on Cabot's website. The novel has not been written and does not have a set release date, but Cabot admitted being inspired for another novel and acknowledged a secret research trip to Carmel in 2012. No other information is currently available.

So yeah, I was doing a much belated happy dance times two! Just wanted to share that here in case other people didn't know. I definitely plan on re-reading the Mediator series prior to this one's release, whenever that may be! Haven't read the last one since it's initial hardcover release!


  1. Meg Cabot has so many books out I can never keep up with them! I envy her career.

  2. Oh my freaking God!! I never heard about this either! Where the heck were we? I am so stoked about this too. Mediator series as well! Completely fan-girling over here. Thanks for letting me know!!

  3. I've heard you talk about how much you love this series! Such excellent and exciting news :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  4. Oh my queridaaaaaaa! JESSEEEE & SUZE <3

    I LOVE THIS SERIES! I had no idea that there will be a 7th book! I'm so thrilled for that and that its been optioned for TV:D


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